• Vulcan Post: Meet The M'sian Lawyer Who Left The Bar To Be A Cricket Farmer

    Back in 2012, some scientists predicted that by 2050, most of the human population would already be living on vegetarian diets.

    The Impossible Burger—that comes with a 100% plant-based patty that looks, smells, and tastes just like real meat—has already made its way to Singapore.

  • Eat Drink KL: Ento Whole Roasted Crickets

    Move over, Pringles; pass us the slow-roasted crickets - Ento might be Malaysia's first homegrown brand of insect-based commercial snacks, to...
  • Rojak Daily: A Malaysian Company Is Selling Roasted Cricket Snacks And You Can Try It Too!

    According to a report by The Star, a start up called Ento is now producing roasted cricket snacks and cricket powder. It comes in several flavours such as salted egg, BBQ and Korean Kimchi. 
  • Star2: Jiminy! Edible roasted cricket snacks made by Malaysian company Ento

    Somewhere in Ara Damansara, the basement and ground floor of a three-storey shoplot bustles with energy and activity – this is after all the home of 20kg of live crickets.

    As the world experiences the consequences of agriculture and livestock production on its environment, more and more innovators have looked into alternative protein sources. Kevin Wu has found a particular pest that might be the key. Can crickets really be the next big culinary contrivance?