• Malaysian cricket powder startup quietly raises seed funding from Rapzo Capital, further confirming the future of alternative protein

    Ento, a Malaysia-based startup, said that its main mission is to “build one of the world’s largest and smartest insect production facility includin...
  • 吃烤蟋蟀零食‧营养丰富又环保

    吃昆虫可能成为未来人们摄取蛋白质的途径?还可以对地球的可持续发展做出贡献? 没错,年方26岁的大马蟋蟀食品公司Ento创办人Kevin Wu认为:“蟋蟀营养丰富,所含的蛋白质是牛肉或鸡肉的三倍,铁是羽衣甘蓝的七倍,纤维是燕麦片的至少四倍。” 他回忆说:“在大学时代,我一直热衷于可持续发展和...
  • Did you know cricket is a superfood, and M'sia is a producer?

    KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): Cricket, an omnivorous insect, is making a presence in Malaysia as a superfood and sustainable substitution for protein as it is high in calcium and iron, courtesy of a company called Ento.
  • Ento successfully closed seed funding for production and regional market expansion

    20 Sep 2019 – ento is pleased to announce that we successfully closed our seed funding round led by Singaporean based Venture Capital firm, Rapzo Capital. 
  • Agfunder News: Cricket roaster Ento to take on Beyond Meat after seed round

    Malaysian edible cricket farmer and roaster Ento has secured a seed round, led by Singapore-based VC firm Rapzo Capital. Ento’s Founder & CEO Kevin Wu told AFN that the capital will be used to power the company’s expansion into Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand over the next 12 months. The round was oversubscribed.
  • Despite A Failed Kickstarter Campaign, M’sian Startup For Insect Protein Gets Seed Funding

    Ento, the Malaysian brand behind snack-able crickets has recently announced they managed to secure a seed round funding from a Singaporean VC called RAPZO Capital.
  • CNA: From lawyer to insect farmer: Malaysian entrepreneur touts roasted crickets as healthy, sustainable snack

    KUALA LUMPUR: Large blue containers containing around a million crickets filled a shophouse in Kuala Lumpur. The entire unit is fully sealed like a prison, with all windows closed. There is no air-conditioning or electric fan so that the environment is warm, humid and dark all day.
  • MALAYSIA TATLER: Ento Offers A More Sustainable Source Of Protein With Roasted Crickets

    “When I first started working on my pilot farm and attending entrepreneurship networking events, people asked, ‘Will you even sell a single packet?’ Fast-forward to a year later: Ento is presently backlogged with orders," says founder Kevin Wu.
  • Malaysian start-up offering artisanal roasted crickets as delicious healthy snacks

    Malaysian start-up offering artisanal roasted crickets as delicious healthy snacks   PETALING JAYA – Would you eat crickets?Deep-fried crickets ...
  • DiscoverKL: If They Don't Bug You, These Protein-Rich Cricket Snacks Will Bulk You

    When one thinks of crickets, an awkward chirpy silence probably comes to mind.

    “They’re insects la, what else?” might be along your train of thoughts.

  • Vulcan Post: Meet The M'sian Lawyer Who Left The Bar To Be A Cricket Farmer

    Back in 2012, some scientists predicted that by 2050, most of the human population would already be living on vegetarian diets.

    The Impossible Burger—that comes with a 100% plant-based patty that looks, smells, and tastes just like real meat—has already made its way to Singapore.

  • Eat Drink KL: Ento Whole Roasted Crickets

    Move over, Pringles; pass us the slow-roasted crickets - Ento might be Malaysia's first homegrown brand of insect-based commercial snacks, to...